By: Blonde Two

Is it just me, or have you perambulating Blondees and Blondettes noticed the plethora of acorns on the floors of Devon this autumn?  They are everywhere, which suits me because I particularly like the satisfying “ugh” sound that they make when you step on them.

I imagine that this cornucopia of Quercus-bombs has led directly to an increase in the contentment, hiding skills and girth of the local squirrel population.  The little-grey-ones certainly have an air of confidence about them at the moment.

I have been job hunting recently.  If anyone knows of a job on Dartmoor that involves working outside with young people, would suit a rather quirky (not Quercus) Blonde and pay her mortgage, please do let me know.  One option that came up in my (rather wide) search was in Scotland and involved “controlling the grey squirrel population”.  It sounded interesting but Mr B2 said that he wasn’t prepared to move to Upper-North just to find out that I my squirrel-control-powers were less than adequate.

I wasn’t sure either but the next day, I ran over a squirrel with our truck.  It was an accident but maybe a sign that we should reconsider!