By: Blonde Two

After all the “Oh my goodness! We have done it!” book excitement of the last few days, the Two Blondes were brought well and truly back to earth yesterday by a particularly muddy and splashy Ten Tors training session.

I suggested at the start of our walk that the underfoot water levels were exactly right. Not dry enough to make things too easy for our trainees (no point in a false sense of security, it will inevitably rain on the day) and not wet enough to ruin the enjoyment of their Dartmoor walk.

I stand by this assessment but, for some reason, Dartmoor was behaving in a particularly splashy manner. I am used to coming home with wet hair, a wet coat and (occasionally) wet feet, but wet knees is a new one on me. I noticed that quite a few of my steps were flicking water up forwards all over me.  I am sure that you will agree that this is very odd.

Blonde One suggested that we try to replicate the knee-splash-effect on purpose. Some silly walking ensued (and much giggling) but it would appear that knee-splashing can only occur by accident! Weird!