By: Blonde Two

Today the doctor gave me the “knee news”.  I call it that because I have been expecting it for a long time.  I had x-rays last summer and have only just been back to confirm my suspicions.  I have mild arthritis.

Mild is good, I can work with that, 20 years is quite a long way away so if they are going to last that long, that is not so bad.  I can cope with no longer being allowed to carry a big pack across Dartmoor – (isn’t that is why we take kids out on the moors?) and I think I can learn to juggle two walking poles, a map and a compass (we were given teeth for a reason).

Does having sore knees put me off walking?  I am a stubborn one so of course not.  Hopefully it will make me go out even more.  Since I have suspected I have wanted to make the most of being able to do things.  Reminds me of a poem by Ruth Hamilton that Granny gave me when I had my first baby.  Apologies for adapting a couple of lines;

“So quiet down aching, pains go to sleep, I’m walking my body and bodies don’t keep.”