By: Blonde Two

Fairy BridgeLike all good parts of the British countryside, Dartmoor has its fair share of “little people” and the Two Blondes are pleased to announce that they found two of them safe and sound on Saturday.  Against current trends, I am not talking here about dwarves or hobbits although I do have a pair of authentic hobbit ears that I wore around New Zealand last summer.

The most common little Dartmoor folk are Piskies (Pixies).  You don’t want to go out looking for them because they are pesky little creatures that like to lure travellers off the beaten path into mires, and get them irrevocably lost in the mist.  As most of Dartmoor seems to be a mire at the moment, the Piskies must be having an easy time.  They tend to leave the Two Blondes alone as we are quite capable of wandering off the path without them.

No the two little creatures we found yesterday (after some good advice and hints from our Twitter friends) were fairies.  Paranormal databases (amazing that there are such things) report a few sightings of fairies on Dartmoor but there are two real ones living in a little hole just next to the bridge over the River Swincombe at SX6412 725.

This bridge is called the Fairy Bridge and has taken different forms over the years.  You can still see the stepping stones that poor old John Bishop (not the comedian) had to use whenever he crossed the river back in the 1800’s (thanks again to legendarydartmoor).  The stones were actually under the water on Saturday so it can’t have been easy for John.

We left the fairies where they were after some kind words and an offer of a piece of chocolate.  It pays to be kind to the small folk – and it seems to have paid off as we didn’t get completely lost during our night navigation later that evening.