By: Blonde Two

This week the sky has been sufficiently rain-ridden for me to dig out my beloved Paramo (not paramour) jacket after its summer holiday. Today I needed to post some letters and was reminded how useful a map pocket is.

In fact, I would so far as to say that, these days, I wouldn’t contemplate buying a coat if it didn’t have a map pocket. Maps, even (sometimes especially) laminated ones can become recalcitrant if they get wet.

The story of map pockets doesn’t end there. Today, in mine, I found a knitted Christmas stocking, a pair of emergency rubber gloves, a Marks and Spencer receipt (possibly the oddest find in a Dartmoor jacket) and an acorn (one would imagine for squirrel emergencies). Imagine what else you could keep in there. Today I have considered:

An egg mayonnaise sandwich for sudden hunger moments.
A foam “sitter” for sudden picnic moments.
A hip flask for sudden Dutch courage moments.
An inflatable beach ball for sudden entertainment moments.
A lego Mountain Rescue man for sudden “I’m lost” moments.
A collection of hair elastics for sudden wind moments.

Maybe jackets should all have one map pocket on each side so that we don’t become unbalanced!

Maybe for some of us, the moment of becoming unbalanced has already passed!