By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes are all in a March dither.  We have synchronised our March diaries – this wasn’t difficult as we do pretty March everything together) and discovered that they are bursting at the March seams. The problem is that we keep finding new things that we want to do.

I won’t bore you with the March details as that might ruin a few surprises; but, as you might guess, there are lots of expeditions, many March nights under canvas, some exciting March challenges (must start saying no to those, either that or stop issuing them) and a trip over the sea.  Who March else knows what might come along, we must be getting close to celebrityhood now because all sorts of strange offers keep coming our March way.

We could probably win March awards for our inability to say no.  “Ladies and gentlemen, the Oliver Twist prize for non-nay-saying goes to … (drum roll) The Two Blondes.”  It seems pretty March clear that although we may run out of time, we will not run out of blog fodder this year.  Despite our (not so) mild March panic about how we are going to fit it all March in and still conquer the March day job, we almost certainly will still be here to to tell the story at the end of the year.  Just one important thing to remember, if you March bump into a Two Blonde out on Dartmoor – please, please, whatever you Marching do, don’t Marching mention Marching March.

This is a message for Blonde One.  Step away from the diary, we did it last year, we can do it again this year.  And what is more, we will probably enjoy it!