By: Blonde Two

There are lots of very nice people around and on Monday we Blondes got a present from some of them.  Now I want you to think very carefully about this.  What is the one thing that is always guaranteed to make a Blonde smile, will have her walking on Dartmoor for hours and has to be taken into every cafe that she goes into?

Some moor (an overused but useful homophone) clues for you;  Where are water ways blue, hills orange and roads yellow (and possibly brick-like)?  You are with me now, I am sure.  On Monday, the Two Blondes took delivery of two brand new Dartmoor maps. You would be right, of course, to question why we need any more Dartmoor maps.  I have one in almost every room of the house (I am sure Blonde One is the same) plus a whole host of them in the stores at work.

These Dartmoor maps, however, are very special.  They are MiniMaps and fold up small enough (A6) to fit into the pocket of my jeans (I would only contemplate walking in jeans if I was feeling very rebellious).  The MiniMaps are made from waterproof paper, we can’t wait to take them out for a walk in the rain to try them out and at 1:25000 scale, cover an area of 7km by 6.25km (this, by happy coincidence, is the perfect area for a Blonde Bimble).

B2 MiniMap

If this and the fact that you can personalise them all sounds better than fabulous to you then just you wait until you hear the absolutely bestest thing about MiniMaps – you can choose anywhere you want to be the centre point on your map!  This is just the most amazing thing, and so exciting. There was no discussion at all necessary when the Two Blondes were deciding where the centre of their particular universe was.  Have a look for yourself and see if you can work it out!

Open MiniMap