By: Blonde Two

If you could measure the value of a place by the number of eyes that have looked at it; then Haytor must surely win against all others on Dartmoor. Can you see it’s giant’s toes?Haytor Mist

No, me neither, and neither could all of the English/German/Swiss/?Belgist? visitors that were gathered in the car parks below. Luckily (or maybe not) for Dartmoor’s international reputation, the mist that you can see covering Haytor’s impressive stack, was wraith-like and mobile.Haytor Mist Ponies

In fact it was the quickest moving mist (not fog, too much visibility) that I have ever seen on Dartmoor. It flowed from the sea, and snaked its way up the valleys to envelope unsuspecting t-shirts and shorts, and their accompanying people. At one point, I went from sunbathing in my car to putting the fog lights on in the space of five minutes (and that was whilst parked!)Hound Tor Mist

Dartmoor mist often gives you the impression that you are walking in a dank, grey cloud. This was different, this was a manifestation that made you feel as though you were being stalked by an ethereal entity; an entity that was out to coax you, for unmentionable purposes, off Dartmoor and into its lair!