By: Blonde Two

Our regular Blondees and Blondettes will only have had to read the title of this blog post to guess that there are likely to be some little people made of jelly involved in it somewhere.  They would be right, of course, those Jelly Babies made an appearance again on one of our recent trips and it was clear, from the presence of a very, very little (actual baby) third Jelly Baby, that at least two of them had been very naughty indeed.


Another non-surprise would be that one of these badly behaved Jelly People was a Yellow.  Some of you might remember our first “Yellow experience” last year when one jumped off Siward’s Cross into Blonde One’s camera bag to avoid being photographed.  The naughty Yellow thing has, of course, nothing to do with the fact that all yellow jelly babies are Blonde.

The Two (people) Blondes were unsure as to how to greet this unexpected arrival.  Was discipline for naughtiness required or should we have celebrated a new birth?  As Christmas was officially over by then, we decided to avoid having to make a decision by eating all three of them.