By: Blonde Two

As you can imagine, Blonde One and I had a fabulous time at our book launch yesterday. It was thrilling to see people appreciating “The Dartmoor Christmas Tree” and actually buying it, and we had fun doing book signings.

I think that I speak for both of though, when I say that the element of the day that brought us the most happiness, was the realisation that we were part of the Dartmoor Community.

“Community” is a lovely word, when you look up its etymology (another lovely word), concepts like, “everybody”, “affability” and “shared by all” appear. This is what Blonde One and I were discussing on our way home. What a privilege to spend the day in the company of people who share a love Dartmoor and represent so many different elements of that amazing place.

One particular treat for me was listening to Dartmoor farmer Colin Pearse reading his poetry. His love for the nature and history of his land seemed to ooze from his pores, it was difficult to tell sometimes where the narrative ended and the poetry began because it was all such a part of him.

So Dartmoor people, it was an amazing experience to meet you. A varied and geographically spaced out community, but definitely a community nonetheless. We Blondes are definitely up for doing more work together, who knows where it might take us all, and where it might take Dartmoor!

P.S. A particular thanks to Richard and Rachel and all off the staff from the Princetown Visitor Centre for their hard work organising the Christmas Fair and their warm welcome. The centre has just won a well deserved award – I will tell you more about that another day!