By: Blonde Two


Just once in a while, usually when the rest of life is looking a bit crappy, a day can take you by surprise by being completely and utterly perfect.  These days are for treasuring; for reliving for a week or so and then filing away in the memory banks under “P” for “Perfection”.  The Two Blondes had such a day yesterday.

We took eight of our youngsters up to Dartmoor to take part in a search and rescue scenario with the Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue team.  Here is how the perfection went;

The journey up was perfect as we tested out our singing skills using Blonde One’s new minibus playlist.  Our arrival at our meeting point was perfectly timed at a fashionable 15 minutes late. The three Dartmoor Rescue minders that we had been allocated were the perfect choice, all youngster friendly and good fun to be around.  There was a perfect minibus space into which Blonde One reversed perfectly (she did a lot of that).  We set off, (ably led by our own youngsters) in three different perfect directions across a Dartmoor that really couldn’t have been more perfect.  There was sunshine, a breeze, long-reaching views and Skylarks singing their hearts out.

On arrival at our perfect casualty site (rocks to sit on and more long views) our minder briefed my two young ladies as to their roles (more about that tomorrow) and sat down to enjoy a perfect cup of tea.  The cup of tea lasted a perfect amount of time because just as I finished it, a perfect pair of Dartmoor Rescue runners appeared to take control of our situation.

We were rescued perfectly and had a perfectly exciting (sorry for the screeching!) ride in the back of the Team Landie back up to meet all of the other groups who had also had perfect days.  Some of our youngsters then engaged in a perfect game of impromptu rugby with some more perfect Dartmoor Rescue guys.

The day continued, we enjoyed a perfect dinner, a perfect game of cards and a perfect welcome back at the Dartmoor Training Centre.

There was one key, absolutely, most perfect element to this most enjoyable of days.  It was our youngsters.  I cannot fault their behaviour, their attitude or their sheer ability to enjoy the simple things in life.  We had a whole day of people telling us how great they were and came home with our chests swollen with pride.  What could have been more perfect?