By: Blonde Two

With the publishing of our first guest post on, Blonde One and I were talking yesterday about how our humble little blog is developing a life of its own and, without asking our permission, turning into a full time job.  I am not sure if there is a limit on how many full time jobs you can have at any one time – but at the moment we seem to have three-ish – the day job (pays the mortgages), the DofE and Ten Tors job (does our bit for society) plus the Two Blondes job (keeps us out of/into mischief).

I wouldn’t like to be asked to put these into order of preference but it would be wonderful if one day, the three things could all combine into a Pay-the-Mortgage, Work-with-Kids-Outdoors, Writing-about-Dartmoor super-job.  I agree that this seems unlikely, particularly as it would have to be a super-job for Two, but if anyone has any great ideas about how this could happen – feel free to make suggestions.

Even if fame and fortune and the super-job don’t actually happen.  I have one, very simple ambition.  I wonder if you can guess what it is.  Does this Blonde want to own a Jelly Baby factory? – No!  Would she like a whole cupboard of outdoorsy jackets to suit any possible walking condition? – No!  Has Blonde Two got her sights set on free Jail Ale for life? – No!

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want … I would really, really love to own a field on Dartmoor.  This field would slope gently, have a few trees at one end and be surrounded by a beautiful stone wall.  It would not be boggy and would be grazed by friendly striped cows (cows can be a bit stripy) who wouldn’t churn it up and would only poo around the edges.  The controlled poo and un-churned grass would mean that I could invite Duke of Edinburgh groups to camp in it.  They would pay me back by replacing missing stones in the wall and chopping firewood from my trees.  I haven’t quite worked out yet where the Duke of Edinburgh kids would poo!

Dark Sky Dartmoor

Mr Blonde Two, Six-Foot-Blonde and Forest-School-Sister would all really enjoy my field and build extravagant shelter arrangements in the trees – Mr Blonde Two could cycle there.  Blonde One and I would have fun pacing around it to check if it had changed size at all and when we were tired, we would sit and look at the view a lot (it will definitely have a view). I am sure you will agree that dreams are important – and my Dartmoor field is probably just a dream but I have some good news for myself.  If I went to Dartmoor tomorrow, I would find almost exactly that field, and be allowed to sit in it, and camp in it and admire the view.  In fact, on Dartmoor, there are enough fields for us all to have one of our own – just for a day.  Aren’t we lucky … now if only we could train the cows …