By: Blonde Two

Of course there is actually a pottery on Dartmoor – at Powdermills near Postbridge (watch out for the Hairy Hands who are not as much fun as they might sound).

I, however, am not talking about that pottery, We have decided in our Blonde wisdom (oxymoron) that it is time to set you a challenge.  We am hoping that this will become a regular feature so we will call it “Blonde Thursday”.  We will post a clue or a picture every (well most) Thursday that will represent a place on Dartmoor.  All you have to do is comment and send us the grid reference.  Are you ready?

There you go – easy if you have been there, not so easy if you haven’t.  Oh and by the way,  it has nothing to do with Kath Kidston or with the fact that I am mad about jugs.  Watch it with the jugs jokes, I have heard them all before.