By: Blonde Two

Over the years we Blondes have taken a few unusual things up to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree. These include a golfing umbrella, ginger wine, an angel and fairy lights.

This particular Twelfth Night (a visit is now another Blonde tradition) we took some Maltesers and a pair of secateurs.

The Maltesers were for an obvious cause, that of the hungry post-work Blonde. They were perfectly delicious with our respective flasks of tea and coffee, as we watched the dark roll in and listened to the cows munching.

The secateurs (Felco of course) were for the Christmas Tree. He had a slightly broken and sagging limb that I had been meaning to fix for a long time. I am not sure whether it is quite the ‘done thing’ to prune Dartmoor flora, you probably need a badge, a green t-shirt or a certificate of competence.

We Blondes have none of these but the tree looks a lot tidier for our efforts.