By: Blonde Two

Just an extra Blonde quickie!

I feel honour-bound to update you on yesterday’s cream cheese and honey sandwich experiment.

The sandwich emerged from my rucksack at Nun’s Cross, sooner than expected and, maybe because of this, not looking too mangled in its cling film (marvellous stuff).  By then the idea of a dinner/pudding sandwich was not sounding quite so appealing.  It was, however, just as well I had brought it because in my haste to leave the house, I had left my much anticipated pasty in the fridge.

Upon visual investigation, it appeared that the deconstruction of my “cheesecake” (you will have to read yesterday’s blog if you don’t understand) had gone a little too far and my snack now resembled a thin band of brownish paste between two slices of slightly limp granary.  It tasted quite good though, reminiscent of the Golden Syrup and butter sandwiches of my childhood (feeding kids must have been much easier then).

I am not sure if I can repeat the experiment though.  Blonde One said that she would have to consider not being my friend anymore if I continued to eat in such a weird way. I would like to point out here that she did this in such a muddle of double negatives that it is clear that she would not be able to carry out her threat.

Any sandwich ideas?  I feel a national event coming on!