By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor ScrabbleWell here I am up in in the rainy Malverns and looking forward to an early morning chase the sunrise up the Worcestershire Beacon (who am I trying to kid) walk with my sister.  Mum and I always have a game of scrabble when I visit – I win of course (once every three years!).  After a usual game with the addition of my favourite new word “dimpsy”, my sister and I invented Dartmoor Scrabble.  In Dartmoor Scrabble, you work together to put as many words to do with Dartmoor on the board as you can in as short a time as possible.  We managed it with no letters left over and it took an hour.

Warning – if you want to try this, you should be aware that it is difficult and, as with any board game, it may cause arguments.  See if you can beat our time.  The only word I was not really happy with was “fe” but the big dictionary says that “fe” means the same as “fee” which is ok because you have to pay a fee to go to the loo in Princetown (this is not good news when you have camped all night and lost all of your 20p pieces).

Have fun – if you can’t go walking then make up a game about it!