By: Blonde Two

Let us imagine for a moment, that this is your first visit to Two Blondes Walking. You see the name, are a bit interested and, one click later, there you are in the Dartmoor World of Blonde. Hopefully you read on, have a laugh or two and decide to come back for another look tomorrow.

Those of you who know a little bit about the World Wide Web will know that search engines like Google are often the way that websites like ours get found by people like you. Those that understand a bit more will also know that you can do clever things when you make a website to make the search engines flag your website up more often.

In all honesty, although I have tried, I am not sure that I have done any of the clever things that are required to make us stand out.  Search engine optimisation (I have learnt some of the words) is the web equivalent to standing on top of a high Dartmoor tor and waving your arms around. Until recently, I would have suggested that we were on the wrong tor, in very misty weather and waving in the wrong direction. These days, however, I can see that a few people do arrive at our little blog via the wonders of Google.

What is funny though is how they get there. You would imagine that a search for Dartmoor Walks or Dartmoor Stories would find us but neither of these do – have a look at the search terms that have led people to our site and draw your own conclusions about whether or not they found what they were really looking for;

“Adder bites Swedish golf course” – different treatment in Sweden, maybe meatball poultice?

“Dartmoor Summer hats” – I am thinking pink with bows here.

“12 Blondes of Christmas” – We need to find ten more blondes before December for this chap.

“Hiking flasks for soup” – I think Amazon would have been more use.

“Blondes who please” – Well we do aim to please but maybe not in the way this guy was imagining.

“Mud high heels” – This is just a silly idea and not to be recommended.

“How deep is your bog” – Isn’t that the same as asking “how big are your turds?”

“Rolf Harris” – Bemused as he apparently didn’t sing the hippo song.

I long for the day when someone planning a holiday sits down at their computer, searches for “Dartmoor” and sees our lovely website in front of him.  Until that frabjous moment, I shall continue to amuse myself by working out what people were really after when they bumped into the Two Blondes.