By: Blonde Two

I have mentioned the shorts thing before.  I like to wear them in hot weather but usually only if there is absolutely nobody around to see them (or rather, see the two appendages emerging from them).  My legs are strange creatures, they have the ability to look long, lean and tanned in the bedroom mirror and then later in the day appear to be short, dumpy and a bit on the lumpy side.

Which is why, I could be seen, if you were looking closely enough, stripping my jeans off by the side of the truck at Sharpitor Carpark on Sunday.  I had some new shorts to take out on their first walk but hadn’t wanted the legs to be on view earlier in the day. Walking shorts are even stranger creatures than my legs, if you are a lady-of-curves as I am, walking shorts have the ability to magnify bottom size to the power of at least five. This ability allows them to turn a glamour model into a Guide leader in three easy steps.

I have to say that these particular shorts (Rohan) are very, very comfortable.  They have been worn several times now, once in front of youngsters, and are nearly ready for total public consumption.  This, of course, is a sure indicator that it is going to rain for our forthcoming four weeks of Blonde expeditions.