By: Blonde Two

Most walkers who enjoy Dartmoor have visited Sittaford Tor at least once. All of those who train youngsters for Ten Tors must surely have visited it at least a dozen times. All of them, maybe, except me.B2 23:07:15

I checked the Blonde Blog archives; and it was April 2013 when I first confessed this terrible oversight to you. I have been all around Sittaford;  for example, Fernworthy, Grey Wethers, East Dart Waterfall and I have even come pretty close walking in from the north; but it is a slippery tor that has managed to evade me …

… until yesterday! Yes folks, you have got it; ring the church bells, crack open the champagne, put bright pink sequinned gloves on the policemen; Blonde Two has now Sat on the Sittaford.Sittaford

It isn’t the most exciting of tors (unless you know the official Two Blonde name for it – and it is far too rude to tell you). It has an odd fence around the top of it, some creative stile arrangements and some rather snazzily dressed sheep.Sheep Sittaford2

It is, however, a most excellent tor for doing a bit of looking. I was with Running Girl (Blonde One has temporarily left the country) and did lots of map and land lining up. You can see a mega lot of Dartmoor (very green at the moment) whilst sitting on the Sittaford.Pony Sittaford

You really should go there … everyone else has been you know!