By: Blonde Two

Now that snow has finally been sighted on Dartmoor, it is time to start putting together our Blonde-Snow-Plan.

Most people have a snow plan in order to allow themselves to a) Go to work, b) Buy the ingredients to make a stew, c) Keep their toes warm. A Blonde-Snow-Plan however, is different (well, what did you expect?) Our plan involves, a) Making sure that we can’t get to work, b) Making sure that we can get to Dartmoor, c) Keeping our toes warm.DSC_0865

We have had some lovely (and some very, very cold) Dartmoor snow expeditions. The main problem with these is actually getting there. The next problem involves getting there and not finding yourself surrounded by pushy, grumpy, unsuitably clad people who can’t control their vehicles.

Getting there is solvable if Mr Blonde Two and his truck are available. There are not many things he likes more than a bit of snow driving and he is always in control of his vehicle (well, if he isn’t, he doesn’t tell me about it!)

Where to go is a bit more of an issue. From our side of the moor, Haytor is an obvious possibility but everyone knows that the Pushy-Grumpers flock there, argue, skid around and then leave without their litter. One year, we went up to Cold East Cross, where it was cold and everybody was indeed cross. Luckily for us, they had forgotten that they had legs and neglected to walk up any hills. They were thus, fairly easy to escape.

I think the Blonde-Snow-Plan will develop later today next to a wood burner, over some steaming hot coffee and a couple of bowls of cheesy chips! It will definitely be a good one and you can probably guess where we will be!!!