By: Blonde Two

Just in case you got excited there and logged on to read about the beautiful carpet of snow that has laid itself across Dartmoor overnight – my “from the bed” detective skills tell me that it hasn’t and that all is still green (and mud brown) up there.  These finely honed detective skills are mostly based on the fact that I can’t see the moors because of the cloud cover and that Dartmoor NPA’s Postbridge webcam shows lots of green and no white – clever eh?

Dartmoor still looks lovely and is calling me from below its cloudy blanket so Blonde One and I will be up there again later for a “planning meeting” (lunch) at the wonderful Fox Tor Cafe and an afternoon walk.

It is probably just as well it hasn’t snowed because we would be relying on Mr Blonde Two and his amazing truck to get us up there and, well, in all honesty, I don’t really know what to do in snow.

Of course, making snow angels and taking photos of them for the blog would be an important activity but after that, how does one walk?  I have read a lot about lovely people up-country who go out and take lovely photos up mountains.  They have things like crampons and snow spikes and other excellent sounding equipment and they don’t appear to fall over (I specialise in falling over).  This year, I am determined to go out for a proper day walk in Dartmoor snow (may have to invest in a snow machine).

Failing Dartmoor snow, it is likely that I will be in New Zealand visiting family again in August.  I have always wanted to do the Tongariro Crossing and have just found out that you can do it in the Winter – they lend you all of the excellent equipment and presumably know what it is all for.  This crossing would be all the more exciting because Mount Tongariro is a volcano and when we were there last year, it did some interesting erupting type things.