By: Blonde Two

Yesterday saw the finishing up of the last of our Christmas dinner.  Please don’t be alarmed, the remnants had all been safely sleeping in the freezer waiting for the moment when once again – turkey, ham, red cabbage and sprouts seemed like the desirable thing to eat.

The only sensible way (besides Christmas dinner) to eat these odd combinations of food is in a soup (no we didn’t have them all in the same soup).  Mr Blonde Two was contemplating a banana and sprout smoothie over dinner but decided the the colour would put him off.  The turkey, veg and potato soup was very tasty but far too “Big Soup” (chunky with lumpy bits) to have worked in last weekend’s soup experiment.

Last weekend (Jan 26th) it was clearly going to be cold out on Dartmoor and I knew that we were going to walk a long way so I decided to make some lentil soup to take out with me.  Lentil soup is a much smoother proposition that the afore mentioned Christmas Dinner soup and much more likely to fit into a flask.  This is, of course, a tricky procedure even with a funnel but not as tricky as deciding which flask to put the soup into.  I was stuck for a few hours in a kind of tea/soup/ribena loop and had to text Blonde One for advice at one point.

She was having her own ribena/coffee crisis and, to be honest, was not much help.  In the end I plumped for a small flask of soup and a big flask of tea.  This proved to be a mistake when, at a very windy Hookney Tor, I found myself with coldish soup and needing a hot cup of tea.  I had abandoned the big tea flask into the minibus earlier in an attempt to keep up with the young ones.  Luckily for me, that day, the Two Blondes were walking with big people with big rucksacks and big flasks of tea so I didn’t have to be fed up for too long.

I will repeat the soup experiment and let you know how I get on – we live and learn!