By: Blonde Two



I wonder if stiles are a peculiarly British form of boundary crossing.  I don’t remember seeing many in New Zealand but then, in New Zealand, you aren’t allowed to roam around over farmers’ land in the same way that you are here.

I find stiles a mixed blessing.  If you have ever tried to climb a Dartmoor wall in the rain and dark, whilst hiding from the traffic and giggling hysterically with your fellow Blonde, you will know that wall climbing can be exceedingly tricky.  So tricky, in fact, that you are really not allowed to do it at all.  We Blondes do try very hard to stick to the rules (and indeed write a lot of them) but just occasionally, our Blondicity can leave us with very few choices. Stiles remove the necessity of wall climbing but are much more annoying than gates (I am sure our gatekeeper Gatey will agree).

The stile below is not a favourite of mine as it really is quite high.  It is, however, not at all wobbly, nor is it covered in slippery green slime and it does have a rather sturdy handrail.  I suspect it might be a very busy stile for one particular fast approaching weekend.  Does anybody know where it is?