By: Blonde Two

This morning, the Two Blondes are waking up in the real world.  I should maybe explain this; we are back home after spending Friday night and Saturday in a happy bubble of Dartmoor, tents, youngsters and over-stuffed rucksacks.

I pleased to announce that Blonde planning turned out to be perfect (of course);

The campsite was new to us, the spot that we had chosen for Chez Blonde was surrounded by a perfectly planned moat (for boot cleaning purposes obviously!)

We had planned to arrive without one vital tent pole so that the youngsters would be very warm rammed into the remaining erectable tents.

We had planned for one team to walk off in the wrong direction twice before they had even been walking an hour.  This part of the plan was for the purposes of character development (our’s, not their’s!)

We had planned to carry suncream but also carefully planned to forget to put it on because we love having red faces.

We had planned to change the route cards a total of four times because I love scribbling on things with my emergency red Sharpie pen.

As we have said to you many times before, Dartmoor expeditioning is all in the planning. What we maybe haven’t pointed out is that the most important planning happens once the expedition has started, out on the moors or (in my case) whilst seeking a quiet “thinking” moment in the loos at FoxTor Cafe.  If you were the lady in the other cubicle, I apologise for my mutterings about pick-up-points and arrival times, hope it wasn’t too disturbing!