By: Blonde Two

Some of you will remember an ongoing and rather heated debate between myself and Blonde One about the correct type of sweetie to carry in ones rucksack.  This debate has raged for many years but I am finally now admitting defeat.  There are three reasons for my sorry capitulation;

1.  I keep forgetting to pack my Wine Gums, this results in Blonde One having to feed me her Jelly Babies to stop me from getting grumpy – I have to admit that they do work.

2.  Jelly Babies have got such an emotive response from our readership that I would now feel disloyal if I selected any other sweet to accompany me on our journeys.

3.  I have recently found out that Jelly Babies have names – Brilliant (red), Bubbles (yellow), Baby Bonny (pink), Boofuls (green), Bigheart (purple) and Bumper (orange).  It would be rude now, not to include them.

So Jelly Babies it is.  They have a history you know (although Wine Gums are older) – they were initially launched as “Peace Babies” to celebrate the end of the First World War (they keep me peaceful too).  The Beatles had Jelly Babies thrown at them because George Harrison liked them and they have starred in several episodes of Dr Who.

I have recently been alerted to the disturbing fact that Jelly Babies are not allowed into the USA.  I have my own theory about this and I think it is because their eyes are the same colour as their faces and therefore cannot they give accurate biometric readings for immigration.

Blonde One left me a fantastic Jelly Baby shaped present in my pigeon hole at work the other day.  I am not going to tell you what is was yet because we are going to take it for a walk soon and try it out properly.  Watch this space – I am very excited!