By: Blonde Two

It has a taken a little while this year, for Ten Tors fever to overtake this Blonde. With writing and redundancies and competitions and jobbies and reviews and books and training and camps and expeditions and plans and more plans; April has been a bit different to last year but equally full.

I am pleased to announce though that the bug has now bitten, the fever is upon me and the ball is well and truly rolling. I think it was the stove that started me off. Every year, my Blonde head examines the rather large task that is “Operation Blonde Ten Tors Camp” and tries, in vain, to run away from it. I haven’t actually run yet and always enjoy it once I get started.

Anyway, back to the stove, this year Blonde One’s poor old family stove finally decided that it didn’t want to play “Feeding the Five Thousand” anymore and the decision was taking to buy a new stove that was more suited to the task. I am having a little sentimental moment typing this because, B1’s family stove played a big part in our first meeting and our first joint Ten Tors bacon sandwich experience.

I was a bit scared of doing the ordering of said new stove because gas is clearly a “Blue Job” (why else would they put it in a blue canister?)  Luckily I appear to have ordered all of the right bits. The new stove has been tested in my garden and the patio didn’t blow up so I think Okehampton Camp and Chez Blonde are safe!


Once the stove was sorted that was it; I was off and rolling down the Ten Tors hill. Food, chips (a bit like food but usually colder), pans, pots, kettles, more food, tents, bigger tents, older tents, hoodies, number plates (odd I know), buses, youngsters, lists, lists, more lists … I could go on and am luckily not doing it all on my own. Team Blonde featuring the Welshman are up and running; we are on are way, the train has left the station, the rabbit is in the hole,  the jumpers are set for goalposts.

Ten Tors 2015 – watch out here come the Blondes!!