By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes had a busy but successful evening last night.  Along with our Young Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh Awarders, Ten Torsers, World Challengers and Dartmoor Rescue Expert Casualties, we set up camp in the corridor at work and talked to lots of young visitors and their parents about our Outdoor Education work.  To be fair, we Blondes didn’t do too much of the talking, our youngsters are excellent ambassadors and charmed the visitors with games, rucksack carrying, tent investigations and survival shelter sessions.

We thought you Blondees and Blondettes would like to try one of the quizzes (it will be easier for those of you who know Dartmoor but still fun).  Below is a map of Dartmoor labelled with ten tor names.  Six of the tor names are real but four are made up – your challenge is to see if you can spot the fake tors.  Be careful, it isn’t as easy as you think it might be, some real Dartmoor tors have pretty strange names.

Tor QuizAnswers in the comments please and feel free to suggest which one you think might be our favourite!