By: Blonde Two

My rucksack is getting heavier and heavier again.  I keep going through what I am carrying and failing to find anything to remove.  Recent additions include some flashing arm bands in case of night-time road walking and a fleece sleeping bag liner in case I need to wrap anyone up (I know that sounds weird but you would be surprised how much wrapping up goes on on Dartmoor).

On Saturday, however, I was carrying one odd addition that I think I will leave behind next time.  Tucked into the top of my bag, nestled beside my pasty and within easy reach were my pink, sparkly slippers.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this was odd but we had been invited back to the Dartmoor Training Centre for dinner with the guys from Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue team and thought that it would be rude to eat in either our muddy boots or smelly socks.  If we had thought more carefully, we could all have packed little black dresses (maybe not the lads, although they probably would if we asked them to) and heels in which to dine.

I would have loved the opportunity to sit on a Dartmoor tor wearing my slippers and definitely missed a great photo opportunity.  However, we weren’t as good at hiding as we might have been and were found far too quickly.  Imagine if our Broken-Leg-Girl had presented her injury in slippers; I would have been tempted to leave her there for being stupid enough to tackle Dartmoor ground without her walking boots!

All of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team members are volunteers. They rely on public donation.  You really should click here and make a donation just in case you need help one day.