By: Blonde Two

You might remember that, during my summer visit to Austria, I was so overcome with down jacket envy (they were everywhere) that I bought a bright blue number of my own.

I was concerned at the time about its ability to;  a) Survive the Dartmoor damp, and b) Avoid scaring the animals with its brilliance.

So on Sunday, I took it for a test.  Not a very rugged test admittedly as it wasn’t raining and there weren’t any sheep.

Down jackets really are amazing, you hardly know you are wearing them (although everybody else would have noticed mine) and they keep you warm as toast.  Often too warm in fact, can you imagine being the temperature of toast all of the time?  Butter definitely would melt!

The trick with down is not to let it get wet.  Unlike a fleece, it won’t give you much comfort once it is soggy.  Mine is going to accompany me on walks in my rucksack, and be brought out for emergency, “I need to scare the sheep,”, “I need to scare the army,” or “I need to sit on a rock with my back to the camera,” events.Down Jacket Sitting