By: Blonde Two

Last Friday, Blonde One and I were told about a very interesting Dartmoor National Park secret. Well not really a secret, but something that we didn’t know (we like to think we know lots of things about Dartmoor!)

This secret isn’t, ‘How to spot a ranger’. That is easy, look for green t-shirts, patient smiles and a relaxed ‘I love my job’ manner.

Neither is the secret, ‘The best place on Dartmoor’. That is easy too, most bits of Dartmoor are the ‘best place’ because they are all lovely.

No, this secret is much more exciting than that… are you ready… here we go… Dartmoor National Park Authority know when you are on the moor!

Before you panic and start talking about privacy, let me reassure you. There are no drones allowed on Dartmoor and nobody has put a tracker into your rucksack, but there are certain popular entry points onto Dartmoor where monitoring devices count footsteps.

It’s exciting isn’t it! Exciting and probably very useful to those clever Dartmoor National Park bods. I have to admit to checking that it wasn’t April 1st when we were told this secret because it seemed almost too sci-fi to be true! Big Ranger is indeed watching you!