By: Blonde Two

If you are ever packing to go Dartmoor wild camping, do pack with the expectation of at least a little bit of that wet, all-soaking mist/rain that Dartmoor National Park weather is so good at! We Blondes recently took four budding Dartmoor wild campers out for their first wild camping experience and they came very prepared, partly because they were all sensible, already love being outdoors, types and partly because we gave them a Blonde wild camping kit list. If you are ever asking the question, ‘How do I go Dartmoor wild camping?’ and need a bit of advice and support, have a look at some of our blog posts linked below and consider putting your name onto the mailing list for one of our 2019 wild camping courses (we currently have a waiting list!)

As always we had a great time with our latest batch of Dartmoor wild campers. We spent some time inside chatting about where you can (and can’t) wild camp on Dartmoor, including looking at the Dartmoor wild camping map, and how to stay safe and comfortable. We also looked at different types of wild camping kit (everybody loves talking about their kit!)

We set off in sunshine and enjoyed a bit of navigation practice along the way; basic navigation is a key skill for safe wild camping off the beaten path (or even on it).

Upon arrival at our camp spot (never too far for the first time) we enjoyed tent pitching (one of our trainees was brave enough to bring his bivvy bag and tarp) and a friendly natter over dinner. Evening entertainment consisted of a stunning sunset, complete with sun dogs and the sharing of outdoor stories (my tales of slugs up noses paled into insignificance besides huts and Masai tribes!)

Once the sun had well and truly set, we went on a night expedition to view the stunning full moon and visit the obligatory ‘spooky ruins’ (Dartmoor has plenty of options for these). Then it was off to bed to wake up only as the rain started beating on the tents in the early morning. Our walk back to base was wet, subdued and a bit plodding but a hearty Fox Tor Cafe breakfast soon saw us right.

We Blondes really enjoy introducing people to wild camping. It is one of those activities that is never the same twice and always improves with practice. We are hoping that the most excellent behaviour of the sun and moon on the Saturday will more than make up for the rather recalcitrant wind and rain on the Sunday.

GetOutside and go wild camping… you know you want to!


We don’t have any more wild camping workshops scheduled for 2018 but if you would like us to put your name down for one of our 2019 workshops, do get in touch. It will be fun (mostly) we promise!!


Update on Dartmoor wild camping

January 23rd 2023

The picture for wild camping on Dartmoor has changed following a well-publicised High Court decision. This is a developing and controversial situation. Thanks to efforts by the Dartmoor Commons Owners’ Association and Dartmoor National Park Authority, there are currently some areas on Dartmoor where you are still permitted to backpack/wild camp. You can read the news release from Dartmoor National Park Authority here. Please find below a summary.
  • You can currently wild camp on a reduced area of Dartmoor
  • You can view the new Dartmoor wild camping map here
  • If you camp within this area, you don’t need to seek the landowner’s permission
  • If you camp within this area, you don’t need to make an individual payment
  • This is a permissive agreement, which means it can be removed
  • Which means it’s more important than ever to make sure you adopt a leave-no-trace approach
  • Large groups, barbecues and campfires on Dartmoor are still prohibited


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