By: Blonde Two

Friday saw the Two Blondes setting off on a very windy expedition.  In due recognition of the wind and our possible lack of ability to stand up, we chose a route that started at Pork Hill (no really!) on the West side of the moor, took us down into the valley and then back up again.  As I have trouble remembering whether an Easterly wind comes from or goes to the East, I wasn’t sure if this would give us respite or not: But as it turned out, although it was blustery in the extreme on the tops, the valley was balmy and gentle and we had a perfect riverside picnic.

River Picnic

We have talked to you before about the issues surrounding Extreme Map Folding.  Another important wind issue when you are Blonde is hair control.  We Two Blondes have both been growing our hair so that we can have a bit more success in tying it back out of the way when we are out and about.  From our efforts on Friday, I would say that Blonde One has succeeded and that I still need to gain control over my wispy bits.  There are two golden rules to hair tying – the first is to face into the wind while you are doing it, the other is to take a spare hair elastic (this is not for your hair, it is to keep your map organised).  I did not obey rule two and had to make a choice between hair mouthfuls or a flappy mappy.

We spent a fair amount of the walk being the wrong temperature because of the in and out of the wind nature of the route but it was lovely and we had lots of cups of tea in the warm valleys.  As a tribute to the fact that nature is in command, we included the appropriately named Windy Post (SX 534742) into our route.  What you can see from the picture is that it is a cross rather than a post.  What you can’t see (unless that odd angle was wind related), is that it was, indeed, very windy

Windy Post


There has been a cross here for a very long time and it is well worth a visit to get a real sense of history.  The cross sits majestically next to the delightful Grimstone and Sortridge Leat.  It is worth reading the information on the fabulous Legendary Dartmoor website to give you a fuller picture.