By: Blonde Two

Good morning Sunday people.  If you are out on Dartmoor I hope you are not so wet that it has put you off forever. I also hope that you haven’t fallen in any holes.

That last one might sound like a silly thing to say but Dartmoor is riddled with holes.  There are big ones and small ones, man made and natural ones, wet ones and actually they are all wet but you get my drift … there are lots and they are all different.

My favourite holes are the kistvaens (marked as cist on the OS map).  These are neolithic/bronze age burial chambers and are fascinating.  Kistvaen translated means “stone chest” and that is a good description if you are looking for one.  Imagine a chest      made of stone that  you sit in for all eternity.  If you are lucky, you will come across one that still has its stone lid but most lids and all of the remains are missing.

There are at least 180 on Dartmoor and this doesn’t include the ones that are hidden under cairns (piles of stones).  My current favourite is Grim’s Grave near Plym Steps not least because it took us ages to find it.  If you want some easier to find examples, head for Postbridge and Bellever Forest.