By: Blonde Two

I have to confess, dear Blondees and Blondettes that I am a tad emotional as I write this blog post.  It is my penultimate of 2013.  My final one will be our Blonde Review of the Year and will mark success in my New Year’s resolution to write a post for every day of 2013.  We are thrilled to tell you some numbers – 40,000 views of our blog, 2,000 comments and 1,600 Twitter followers.  I have no idea if these are good numbers or not – but we are very pleased with them.


The picture above is a Blonde Post – it isn’t on the map and only a few people know how to find it.  Let’s imagine, for a moment, that it is a goal post.  I will be honest with you now and admit, that I didn’t expect to reach this goal.  There has been much juggling of time and expedition dates going on, I have bought a new laptop, I have grunted at my children, I have replaced the smart phone that I dropped down the loo, I have even typed on the loo!  One thing is for sure though, every minute, every key stroke has been worth it.  We Two Blondes have had an amazing year, made even more amazing by being able to share it with you.  There can be no doubt that we have both persuaded ourselves do more walking and adventuring than usual in order to make sure that we provide you with plenty of “blog fodder”.

Sign Holwell Lawn

The best thing, though, has been all of you Blondees and Blondettes.  You have read, and commented and encouraged all year and we really do feel like we have made some new friends.  Please forgive me if I miss you off this list but thank you to;  the Gatekeeper, the Welsh One, the Rescuers, The Stranger, Aunty Starfire, Blonde Mum, The Preservers, The Active One, the Intellectual Ones, the Funny Ones, the Dukes of Edinburgh, the Serious Ones, the Bauble Donators, the Jelly Baby Placers, the Kiwis … I could go on but you will stop reading and I really need to say thank you to our families for putting up with our absences this year.  Mr Blond One, Little-Miss-Blonde, Little-Mister-Blond, Mr Blond Two, Bearded-Blond, Six-Foot-Blond and Not-At-All-Blonde … you are great and we are grateful!

Stile Buckland Beacon

We are still not decided what will happen to Two Blondes in 2014.  But one thing is for sure, tomorrow I am going to have a day off and probably go for a walk!