By: Blonde Two

I walked up to the nearly-top of Cox Tor on Sunday.  It was a beautiful evening and my flask of tea and I had the nearly-top (I wanted to be able to see Pork Hill) all to ourselves.

That was until a group of teenagers suddenly appeared on the clump of rock next to mine.  My initial reaction was one that would be more suited to a grumpy old woman than a Blonde who trains young people on Dartmoor and I have become subsequently ashamed of it.  How dare they interrupt my silent reverie?  Of all of the tors on all of the moors, they had to climb up to my one!Cox TorBut as I sipped my tea, I tuned in my ears and listened to their chatter.  They actually seemed like quite a nice bunch and were teasing each other about being out of breath. Then the biggest lad played the ultimate Blonde-Pleasing card; he started to tell tales of his Ten Tors adventures.  Well that was it, it wasn’t too long before I couldn’t resist joining in and we had a very pleasant conversation before I set off back down the hill and left them to it.

I am still telling myself off for my initial grumpiness.  Here was a group of young people who weren’t getting drunk, weren’t causing a nuisance and weren’t playing computer games.  They were out doing exactly what I was doing, challenging themselves to walk up a hill and enjoying the outdoors.  I should have stood at the nearly-top of Cox Tor and welcomed them up with open arms, offering tea, a space on my sitting mat and a squashed Jelly Baby or two.  Come to think of it, if I had done all of that, they would probably have walked straight past to Roos Tor anyway.

PS  If you ask nicely, I will tell you about Pork Hill tomorrow!