By: Blonde Two

I have often thought that the water in Haytor quarry looks good enough to swim in. Lots of dogs appear to love it and it is plenty deep enough. I used to think that one day, I might give its murky depths a try but not anymore.

There are few things that could fascinate a group of fourteen year old youngsters on a trip to Dartmoor, more than a creature that likes to bite into people and suck on their blood. The only thing that I can think would be better would be being with an adult who is prepared to, a) find a leech, b) pick the leech up, c) allow the leech to latch on.

Leech Haytor

Sadly, I am not this adult. I draw the line at sinking in bogs and waking up to ice on my tent for our Blonde youngsters. I was however with just the right chap at the time and he took great delight in describing the leech’s three bladed mouth parts and their use of anticoagulant; whilst the hungry creature hung from his hand.

Whilst writing this post, I have been congratulating myself for having the good Blonde sense not to live in a time where leeching was a common medical treatment. That was until a bit of quick internet research suggested that I might like to try leech therapy as a cure for the arthritis in my knees. Maybe that swim wasn’t such a bad idea after all.