By: Blonde Two

In my Blonde head, we are now in winter. The seasons should be easy to understand, down here in the Westcountry they should go something like this:

Winter: Wind and rain, mostly you won’t be able to see the weather because it will be dark.

Spring: Wind and rain, but some nice flowers and occasionally you might smell the sunshine again.

Summer: Wind and rain, but everything on Dartmoor will look greener (except maybe the sheep).

Autumn: Wind and rain, but the appropriate leaves will fall off the trees.

Or will they? If you look closely at Dartmoor’s trees, you will notice that some of them are being rather rebellious, some of them are hanging on to their leaves instead of ‘strewning‘ them all over the floor. I have no objection to this whatsoever, trees look nice with their autumn leaves on, and they have every right to make up their own mind about nudity!

Or are the leaves in charge? Blonde One and I had a conversation recently whilst driving down off Dartmoor. We were trying to work out how the leaves decided who would ‘jump’ first. There must surely always be one corageous leaf-soul who takes the initial flutter. What would his reason be do you think? Is there a special place for brave leaves in leaf-heaven? Do all the lady leaves wriggle their petioles at a particularly macho looking chap one, until he feels the urge to prove his masculinity? Maybe a lady leaf goes first, tired of nagging the blokes to do so, and fancying a bit of adventure.

Whatever the usual circumstances, I reckon this year there was a bit of, “You go first!” “No, you go first!” which has led to quite a few of them hanging around to have a party. They are not going to like it at all when those little green guys turn up in the spring!