By: Blonde Two

Beer gardens are a odd concept aren’t they? Often more ‘beer’ than ‘garden’ they are rarely a plant-lover’s paradise or a vegetable-grower’s delight. Even more odd these days is the lack of distinction between an urban beer garden (five chairs, one table, surrounded by a concrete wall, back door of pub) and a smoking area (two chairs, no table, almost on pavement, front door of pub).

This particular Dartmoor public house however, has the beer garden sorted. I would like to point out here that we Blondes rarely get the opportunity to sit in any beer garden, let alone this one, but were ‘passing through’ during our final Ten Tors training back in April. I know, that sounds dodgy, but we really were just waiting for teams coming over from Grimspound and heading on up to Fernworthy.

Anyway, what I particularly like about the beer ‘garden’ (more beer ‘moorland’ really) at the Warren House Inn are the views. Have a look for yourself and see what you think.

Beer Garden Warren House

Lovely aren’t they, and what is more, there is some fantastic walking right from your bench!

I defy you to tell me of a beer garden that beats this one!