By: Blonde Two

When we took our visitors up to Pew Tor on Sunday, it would have been nice to have been able to tell them how it earned its church-like name.


It would appear however that even the indomitable Tim Sandles of Legendary Dartmoor fame has been unable to find a definitive answer to the question. Pew Tor has over the years suffered (like many Dartmoor places) from a bit of spelling-confusion; with Pewterdowne and Pu Tor being the historical favourites.


One thing I do know about Pew Tor is that it sits just above Pewtor Cottage which is surely one of the most desirable properties on Dartmoor (we Blondes would love it anyway!)


I also know now that Pew Tor is the crowing glory to the underground palace of the King of the Piskies. Now if I had known that on Sunday I would have kept a closer eye on our visitors as they explored; we weren’t that far from the road but you know how good those pesky piskies are at leading folk astray!