By: Blonde Two

Have you ever used Trip Advisor? I haven’t as I prefer to form my own opinion about places, but was surprised today to find out that the clapper bridge at Postbridge has its own review. For those not in the know, a clapper bridge is constructed from slabs of rock (granite on Dartmoor) laid across either from one bank to another or between rock posts. They are lovely to behold and puzzling as to their construction method (granite is heavy!)Postbridge Close

Luckily for our ancient (at least 1380) bridge, it was given pleasing reviews. There was one that was rather silly, complaining about the number of tourists making it, “…too busy at times.” They are right, my sister and I were lucky to have it to ourselves the other day, but I have commented before on our ability to see everyone else a s a tourist and forget that most of us on Dartmoor are, in fact, also visitors.Postbridge Through

I don’t know why Postbridge has been singled out for clapper bridge reviews. Dartmeet is perhaps, too broken (Blonde One and I have seen the East Dart in flood right over the top of this one). Some of the others, Wallabrook and Teignhead for example are maybe too remote for Trip Advisor to find them. Imagine the review, “This bridge is in the middle of nowhere, the path leading too it is poorly maintained and I got mud on my boots. There are no toilets and it was raining.Dartmeet Clapper

Postbridge, I have been told, and witnessed, is very popular with German tourists. There is, apparently, a drama which uses it as a location. I have tried and tried to find out what it is called. Someone out there please enlighten me!