By: Blonde Two

We all have them (yes even you boys), those moments when the world is so obviously ridiculous, and people are so irritating, that the only possible response is an exasperated or just plain rude hand gesture.

Well, it has become apparent to the Two Blondes that Dartmoor too has these moments. What causes them is a mystery to us; maybe rainy days, litter-bugs or pink sheep with poo on their tails (we didn’t make them up). Whatever the cause, we have found evidence that last Saturday, on what might have been the last beautiful day of the year, Dartmoor was having a bit of a grump!

The Finger Dartmoor

Maybe it was these lovely cows and their very sharp horns that were the problem.

Highland Cattle Dartmoor

But it definitely couldn’t have been this little chap.

Highland Cattle Dartmoor2