By: Blonde Two

We all hate losing things.  Few things in life (except maybe ) are more annoying. But finding things, that is a different box of frogs (think about it!) altogether.  To a Blonde, a day spent finding things is a very good day indeed! I didn’t have a whole day today; a swim (not with frogs) and then some house chores took up the morning which meant that Mr B2 and I were up at Fox Tor Cafe for a lovely ploughman’s lunch (no actual ploughmen were harmed) by a sprightly 15:00 hours. This meant that our feet didn’t touch Dartmoor peat until 16:00, which, as it turned out, was just about right.  The moor was emptying, the shadows were long and the light perfect. This is what I found.  It is the smallest cross on Dartmoor and is not marked on the map.Smallest CrossWhich of course, makes it more fun to find.  Blonde One and I first found it in the dark during the NightNavOff competition in February (hopefully to run again next year).  We were very pleased with ourselves.  I hadn’t seen it in the daylight but wanted a challenge, so today I found it without using my map or compass.  I would like to be modest here and say that I experienced difficulty and I had to hunt around a bit, but I am not going to be, it wasn’t and I didn’t. Watch out Dartmoor, the Blonde Navigators are back!