By: Blonde Two

I have described the walk out to the Ten Commandments Stone on Buckland Beacon to you in a previous post It is a lovely one for people of all ages (especially those who like peat puddles). It is also a good spot for a bit of simple navigation practice. On the way over from Cold East Cross, there is a row of boundary stones, some clear walls, a steep sided hill and a rather obvious tor; and if you head over the stile to Welstor Common you can find a pond in a quarry and a ruin (beware the boy-sized hole in the ground just to the west of the pond.)

I love the Ten Commandments Stones (more information from Legendary Dartmoor here) and some of the commandments give quite sound advice. Who can blame God (or Moses) for telling people (and flocks) not to kill each other or covet each other’s donkeys? I wonder what Moses would have made of it all if he had ascended Mount Sinai only to find, upon his descent and after his consultation with the Almighty, that he had mysteriously arrived at Buckland Beacon on Dartmoor.

You would surely be disappointed if we didn’t suggest a few Blonde-Commandments of our own:

  1. Thou shalt not leave thy compass, map or whistle at home (unless you are God).
  2. Thou shalt eat Jelly Babies (unless you are a Jelly Baby).
  3. Thou shalt carry a hot drink at all times (unless you have forgotten to clean the mould out of your flask).
  4. Thou shalt not disturb the ponies by giving them silly names (unless they give you permission).
  5. Thou shalt not anoint thy legs with bog-juice (unless you have gone in up to your waist).
  6. Thou shaln’t (note cunning abbreviation) walk up a steep hill without stopping to admire the view (unless you are Moses).
  7. Thou shaln’t walk down a steep hill carrying two great big stones (unless you are Moses) (sorry Moses).
  8. Thou shaln’t ever, ever make Blonde Two cross a river on stepping stones (unless you are Daniel Craig and you are on the other side).
  9. Thou shaln’t forget to go and get your cheesy chips after your walk (unless you are a vegan).
  10. Thou shall visit Dartmoor as many times as you possibly can (even God has to do this one) (no apologies needed God).