By: Blonde One

It’s a few short days away from the climax of a gruelling training season for Ten Tors participants. The team of 6 brave teenagers from Trinity School are ready. They have trained in all sorts of weather (except heat waves, of course), they have fought off tough competition to achieve their place on the team and they have learned lessons that no classroom can ever hope to teach.

Trinity School has not entered a team in this challenge for a few years so the pressure is on us all to make this a come-back to remember! The staff will send off 6 nervous youngsters on Saturday morning at 7am (amid the rest of the 2,400 hopefuls) with the hope that they will return victorious before 5pm on Sunday. They will visit 10 of Dartmoor’s tors, in a set route issued by the Army covering 35 miles, navigating their way independently and carrying everything they need for two days and one camp on Dartmoor. We don’t mind if they return at 4.55pm (although we will be very nervous by this point) or if they return any other time during the day as long as all 6 are back by 5 o’clock, the cut-off time. My motto is: 6 out – 6 in.

Watch this space for tales of their success!