By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes are very clever (we have qualifications to prove it!) despite our blondeness (autocorrect changes this to ‘blandness’: certainly not). We have recently been contemplating Darwin’s theory of evolution. He suggested the ‘survival of the fittest’ idea. Whilst we were out and about on Dartmoor last week we came up with our own theory of evolution: the survival of the cutest. We noticed that all of the cows, ponies and especially sheep were very cute. They were all looking clean (must be all the rain), well groomed and mostly quite blonde. The sheep that we saw were particularly fluffy and white compared to previous visits. I wonder if in the farming community there has been a pact to ‘cute up’ the livestock? It must be a good evolutionary trick since no-one is going to send a cute sheep to market are they? It must be a matter of professional pride for farmers to have cute looking animals.

The Two Blondes often dream about having our own land on Dartmoor: we’d be good at it I think. We would have the best looking land around!