By: Blonde Two

If you have spent any time at all in the outdoors, you will know that green grass is very beautiful.  You will also know that green grass would not exist without one, vital ingredient, namely rain.  Dartmoor seems to be the exception to this rule here, the more rain she gets, the more yellow she goes (but we still love her).  If you take into account that the meadows here in the Tirol valleys are a veritable blanket of green (plus some beautiful flowers), and that every single room in every single house must surely have a mountain view, you will probably guess what the weather was doing yesterday.DSC_1979Most of our days so far here in Austria have been hot and sunny.  So hot, in fact that on Sunday, I travelled to 2300 metres wearing a vest top and crocs and was still a tad over heated.  Yesterday it rained, all day.  The view from the balcony first thing looked more like Dartmoor than anywhere else, the mountains had disappeared and all was damp and heavy. How does one entertain oneself in a valley where walking and mountain biking are the only real options? Well, a good Blonde would have gone for a walk in the rain (I promise I will today) but I opted for reading on the balcony (Daphne Du Maurier), reciting a few of my current favourite German words (some are becoming stuck in my head) and making some soup to warm the apartment up (this worked a treat).  Here are a few details and a not too rainy balcony view;DSC_2217der Kugelschreiber – ink pen (learnt way, way back and hidden somewhere Blonde for a very long time).

der Auspuff – exhaust (I am secretly longing for the opportunity to say, “mein Auspuff ist kaput.”  Ours is but it is staying that way as the conversation at the garage would have to stop there).

die Gemuse – vegetables (not eating enough if the toilet shelf is anything to go by (that is a joke, I haven’t been looking) but a useful one for soup).

der Bergblick – mountain view (I wonder if those who live here ever long for flat places or the sea).

The soup was good, I made some little meatballs to float around in it in true Austrian (German?) style.  They looked a bit odd but tasted fine. And today?  Today it looks fair to middling, I will walk, whatever the weather decides to do, I am, after all, a Two Blonde and therefore used to the rain. The great thing about walking around here is that there is always a cafe and usually a cable car to take you back down the hill.