By: Blonde Two

If I were to mention Dawlish to you, you might think of seaside, ice-creams, tourists and washed away railway lines.  I discovered yesterday evening however, that Dawlish also has a mountain.  Let me explain:

A little while ago, Blonde One invited me out a walk that had been set up to assess two young people on their expedition leadership skills.  They told me that we were going to be walking in the lanes around Dawlish and that the navigation was going to be very easy.  This all turned out to be true but what I failed to check before we arrived at the start point was the route card.  It only took a quick glance to realise what I had let myself in for. Any route that starts at sea level and includes the word “Obelisk” (we had a debate about this capital letter and B1 won), is always going to include a fair amount of uphill.  The blokes (just look at the shape, they had to be blokes) who built obelisks did them to show off and clearly the best way to show off your big-sticky-uppy thing is to sticky-uppy it on top of a big hill.

It was a lovely walk and the assessment was successful but I am convinced that we did walk up (and back down) an actual real live mountain. There were lots of contour lines on the map but I am refusing to count them just in case they prove my theory wrong.  I am particularly pleased to announce that I stuck to my new Blonde-Hill-Policy of not stopping on the way up a hill.  We Blondes will be on the Isle-of-Man soon and there will be a proper mountain to climb, I wonder if I will be able to stick to it then!