By: Blonde Two

Dear Outdoor Retailer

Please allow me to describe to you an experience that I had in one of your stores last weekend (my visit was, by the way, supposed to be a birthday treat). I needed a new pair of walking trousers and I was in the mood to spend quite a lot of money.

Before my visit, I had checked your online store, I knew possible makes, available sizes and prices.

I searched the female section of the shop, and found only one pair of trousers in my size. I am not particularly unusually sized, I wear a size 18 jean and am 5′ 8″ tall. There was a single pair of size 18 female trousers; I tried them on and couldn’t even pull them all the way up. Not to be deterred (although I was deflated) I tried the three largest pairs of male trousers that I could find. Despite some awkward wriggling and (I am afraid to confess) a few tears none of these fitted either.

In an attempt to cheer my (now saddened) soul, I abandoned hope of bottom coverage and tried gilets instead (to cover a couple of other assets). There was nothing bigger than a 16 available and nothing that would do up.

What happened next? I left without trousers or gilet of course, but I also left without a couple of other things; my happy birthday feeling was gone, my self-esteem was on its way out and my purse was still full.

I am sure you will agree, Mr Retailer, that this experience benefitted neither of us. You did not get my money, and I did not get my clothes. So I am setting you a public blog challenge, are you ready?

I challenge you to find me (from your stock) a pair of walking trousers that will fit in all the right places, will not leave a cold gap around my mid-rift and will actually make me look like the attractive, active woman that I am. If you can achieve this (surely simple) goal, I will write a heart-warming review on our blog. If you can’t, well I am going to look very silly walking across Dartmoor in my knickers aren’t I?

Yours in Adventure

Blonde Two

PS Mr Retailer. If you are wandering if this blog post is addressed to you … it probably is!


I sent this letter to the retailer mentioned and they responded admirably… see the below posts.


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