By: Blonde Two

Yesterday I made a big decision.

Decision making, I have decided, has a pattern to it. A pattern that is a bit like walking up over a big hill:

1. You think that you might have to make a decision. (Standing at the bottom looking up.)
2. You rail against that possibility. (Looking at the map and considering walking miles round.)
3. You protest, and deny and fight. (That first ten or so minutes when your legs and lungs object fiercely.)
4. You accept that you have to make a decision. (The top section of the hill, still hard work but you are more in your stride.)
5. You make the decision. (You are at the summit. It is all downhill from here.)
6. You feel enormous relief. (The view is spectacular; the climb was worth it after all.)
7. Your life settles down again. (The stroll down the other side. You can see more clearly and you are pleased with your earlier efforts.)

Let’s hope I picked the right hill!