By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes yesterday had a very different kind of day out which included all sorts of unexpected things. When we had finished texting to compare outfits and re-texting to notify of a change of outfit Blonde Two arrived at my house ready for the day. We had a great day in the lovely city of Exeter but even before we had our first coffee stop we decided that we should stick to Dartmoor in future! The journey there was exciting for Blonde Two as we passed dual carriageways, rows of houses and churches that she had never seen before (don’t forget she’s not from round these parts!). I introduced her to Exeter Prison which she didn’t realise existed (why would she?), and showed her the car park that I affectionately call ‘the flat car park’. The car park was the first hurdle for us. When we had finally decided how long we needed, we tried to scrabble together the correct change. This involved 3 purses, 2 trips back to the car and 1 innocent bystander. When I left Blonde Two in charge of putting the million coins into the slot, I had to race back to the car to sort out the alarm which was busily blaring away and drawing attention to two ditsy women manically juggling coins! When Blonde Two returned to the car she sheepishly admitted that we had done the maths wrong and were 20p short, so she got the lower time slot for a very expensive price! A closer inspection of the ticket revealed that we had done it right after all. It was all very confusing and the two of us (and the car, I think) were wishing that we were in Fox Tor Café car park.

We managed to survive the busy road crossings somehow, we successfully put the world to rights over coffee and then it all went downhill when we got lost in the museum! A quick bit of Taunton Leisure and Waterstones shopping was done and we just about survived. On the way home we sat in some hideous traffic moaning and groaning about the silly amount of cars and people here, but also quite glad that people stay in Exeter and don’t all come at once to Dartmoor. Another last minute change of mind had us making a quick change of route in order to head to St Thomas to visit our Twitter friends Café at 36. We had never been to this café before and hoped that we could easily find it (luckily I was driving, as we all know that we wouldn’t of had a chance with Blonde Two at the wheel!). We knew it was on Cowick Street which we found easily (by accident) but wandered up and down a little bit before feeling ridiculously stupid when we realised that it was called ‘at 36’ because the address was obviously number 36! It’s a wonder we’re let out on the moors in charge of large quantities of kids isn’t it?! After sorting out the car alarm again we headed back towards home with a quick stop at one last outdoor shop (when we had eventually found it) and decided that it’s probably not a good idea for The Two Blondes to come to the city again for a very long time!